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"We have found that life is just too short, so lets have a lot of fun in a safe shooting environment."

"Your best days of shotgunning usually are somewhere between just trying to have fun and being aware of the location of the next target."

"There are shotgunning basics that once learned will forever simplify how you shoot a shotgun."

Events for 2018

Upcoming Events for the Quail Point Sporting Clays and the Pacific Shotgun Academy

February 24: Knights of Columbus (NSCA) Side Events Available Fri/Sat and we have added an 8 AM flight for NSCA shooters. (Allowing you to shoot quicker and get to side events)

March 3: Mt Diablo Silverado Boy Scout Fundraiser Youth Version

March 23-25: Regional Warmup *(NSCA)

April 25-29: Western Regional (NSCA)

May 5: AWS Scholarship Fundraiser Shoot

May 18 and 20: QP Family Shoot Out (NSCA)

June 8-10: Pre California State Shoot * (NSCA)

July 20-22: The Pautzke, "Soft but Satisfying" * (NSCA)

August 10-12: Pacific Open and FITASC * (NSCA)

September 14-16: Big Score Challenge * (NSCA)

October 14: Quail Point Championship * (NSCA)

November 9-11: The 4th Annual West Coast Seafood Blast Four 100 Target Main Events. Lots of side Event. Crab, gumbo and all kinds of seafood treats (and a few more for the non-fish eaters). (NSCA)

More to come as the year progresses... check back for updates


* Events that are part of the 2018 RTIC All Around Series